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Terms of use

Terms of use

General Terms and Conditions

The website, www.QuickShoeLace.com, is operated by QUICKSHOELACE d.o.o.

Company info:

Full name: QUICKSHOELACE, proizvodnja vezalk, oblačil in obutve, d.o.o.

Short name: QUICKSHOELACE d.o.o.

Address: Gabrsko 12, 1420 Trbovlje, Slovenia

Registration Number: 8025622000

Tax number: SI 57717800

Transaction account:  SI56 6100 0001 7526 210 DELAVSKA HRANILNICA d.d. LJUBLJANA

The company was registered in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Slovenia on 02.08.2017.

General terms and conditions and use of the website www.QuickShoeLace.com have been prepared in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, and the rest of the required legislation for the sale over the Internet and such a way of doing business. Terms deal with the operation of the online store QuickShoeLace.com and a business relationship between INDAVIDUAL, DAVID KNEZ s.p. (hereinafter: InDavidual), registered users (hereinafter: users) and buyers of goods or services (hereinafter: customers).

1. General information about QuickShoeLace.com

QuickShoeLace.com is a website on which online sale of shoelaces QuickShoeLace is carried out.

The offer, which is located on the website, QuickShoeLace.com may change daily due to the nature of the business. The prices of individual goods are regular and special prices or discounts.

InDavidual is responsible for the quality of goods or services, it is also responsible for any complaints or consequences that could arise when users use goods or a service. InDavidual shall be fully responsile for the performance of services or the sale of goods and the related potential complaints. If customers do not use goods in accordance with the instructions, Indavidual assumes no responsibility.

Photographs, pictures or videos posted under the bid are the property of InDavidual or are just merely symbolic and do not provide the precise characteristics of a product or a service and can show a symbolic or an actual service, an offering or goods.

2. Prices, purchase, form of payment and delivery

The prices of all offers of goods or services are pre-defined and include VAT. Prices are valid for all customers but only for the duration of each bid and, in case of payments referred to in these terms and only on the website quickshoelace.com.

We reserve the right to change prices. Prices are rounded to two decimal places (1 cent).

By registering, a visitor/a customer becomes the user and acquires the right to purchase and the access to all data of a distance contract.

A distance contract between InDavidual and a customer is concluded at the moment InDavidual confirms the order. From that moment, all prices and other terms and conditions are set out and apply to InDavidual as well as the customer.

InDavidual acts as a company that provides goods or services over the Internet. Customers pay the amount to InDavidual and  together with the goods or services they receive a receipt.

A purchase from QuickShoeLace.com is safe, simple and convenient. Customers must ensure that their information is correct and accurate, regardless of the payment method.

We offer the following methods of payment:

  • Payment via PayPal;
  • Payment by credit card (MasterCard, Maestro).

In case the payment leads to any problems, customers can contact InDavidual e-mail address: info@quickshoelace.com or call. +386 31 235 956.

Orders are electronically stored on a server and accessible to customers at any time in their user profiles. The company operates in the Republic of Slovenia. The products are sent all over the world.

Delivery of ordered products in the online shop will be made in the shortest possible time and is a  subject to availability of products. Products will be delivered to the address you entered at registration respectively at purchase procedure by the Post of Slovenia or GLS. We recommend that you specify the address where you are available in the morning. We also recommend that you write your mobile number where you can be reached. A phone number is used only for the better quality of delivery.

A packet can be delivered to the address you provide when ordering or it may be delivered to another address you specify when purchasing.  

Delivery of orders may take up to 7 working days. There is no delivery on weekends and holidays. Delivery orders outside the EU can take up to 30 days.

  • InDavidual deliver goods within the stipulated time.
  • Contractual partner for the delivery are the Post of Slovenia and GLS.
  • The cost of sending is fixed and amounts to 3.50 € VAT included  in Slovenia and 6,00 € outside Slovenia.
  • Post of Slovenia delivers packets in the morning to the address entered on the contract award, GLS implements delivery in the afternoon, subject to prior notice.
  • If you are not at the point or address that you entered  (a company, an office, etc.), a courier will  leave a message with instructions for subsequent takeover.
  • If the customer does not receive the goods in these days of dispatch should inform InDavidual to determine the causes and inform the customer.

A customer should at the reception of the consignment, review its content. In case of damage to the shipment the customer returns the entire shipment (a package,a  protective packaging,  products) to the address of InDavidual company and this will provide a replacement shipment.

3. The registration procedure in QuickShoeLace.com

Buying products online in QuickShoeLace.com is possible with prior registration on the website. The user can register during or prior to the purchase of the product. When registering, the user must enter his name, surname, website address and email password. The entered data must be correct, since they allow entry into the online store and web address for  sending important notifications.

When registering a user gets an e-mail message that informs him that the registration was successful.

After the registration the user is automatically registered in the list of recipients of the newsletter, from which he can subsequently check out through the link in the message or on the website QuickShoeLace.

Extract from the list of recipients of online news is also possible via the e-mail address info@quickshoelace.com.

4. The process of shopping online QuickShoeLace.com

Users review the offer and decide for desired products. Together with these properties, such as color and type of traffic peaks they them  to the cart. When the product selection has ended, you can review the basket, and indirectly complete the purchase. In conclusion, the purchase must be logged into the system, followed by a web browser through the steps, which differ depending on the type of payment and identity of address for payment and shipping.

At the end of the offer (after a certain date or after the purchase of restricted stock), the offer is withdrawn from the site, or information is published that the product is not in stock.

Steps to purchase are as follows:

  • a user completes the purchase after reviewing the products,
  • if the user is not logged, the web browser redirects him  to login, and then the screen for data entry and choice of payment method shows up,
  • the user enters the following information: name, surname address, optional additional information of his address, city, country, postal code and telephone number,
  • then you can select the method of sending – if you have more options (depending on a country) on  the right side of the screen the final price (product price + shipping cost) is displayed
  • in the next step, the user selects a payment method and billing address (the default is the same as the shipping address, but you can enter another),
  • then you  enter further information about your credit card or log in to PayPal,
  • after successfully entering your payment information is required only click on a button to check out and a purchase is finished,
  • in case of successful payment we see confirmation of successful completion of the purchase, also purchase information is displayed.

When the purchase is successful, the user is informed via e-mail, where he  gets information notice concerning the completion of the purchase.

The purchase is completed when the payment is made in a proper manner.

Within the period of dispatching the goods the customer has he right to withdraw from the distance order (order must be canceled by e-mail to info@quickshoelace.com). It is necessary to enter the number of the order. E-mail address from which you cancel the order  must match the e-mail address that  is used when confirming the purchase. If the customer order is not cancelled it is subject to further processing. InDavidual can call the customer on his contact telephone number to verify data or to ensure the accuracy of delivery.

A contract of purchasing the ordered items between the customer and InDavidual is at this stage definitively concluded. Details on distance contracts are always available under the user’s profile in the online shop QuickShoeLace.com, where the user can access with a username and a password he entered when registering into the shop. Prices are valid at the time of order do not have and have a predetermined force.

Time limits for payment:

  • payment by credit card, PayPal -Immediately,

InDavidual reserves the right  to for any reason withdraw a product or service from its offer.

Abuse of purchase is criminal.

5. Safety purchase by credit cards

Purchase by credit card is safe because InDavidual takes care of technological and organizational means to protect the transmission and storage of personal data and payments. It provides for safe authorisationsand secure payment card transactions to be made in real time with immediate verification of data from banks. Card details are not stored on the server.

6. Privacy Policy

For registration or purchase, the customer allows InDavidual to collect, processe and store the personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act  – Zakon o varstvu osebnih podatkov (Url RS št. 94/2007 with amendments, ZVOP-1) where InDavidual undertakes to carefully and in accordance with the laws protect users’ data.

Data is collected on the basis of personal consent of the individual for an indefinite period of time or until the user cancellation.

Personal data is collected for the purpose of smooth execution of orders or offers, communication with customers, statistical analysis in order to improve website performance and services and, if the customer so chooses, to send notifications, news and offers (via GSM device, e-mail, in writing to an address).

In this context, the following data is collected: IP address, name, address of permanent or temporary  residence, telephone number, email address, date and time of registration and archive of  communication with the online store. If it were a gift voucher the name and the surname of  the recipient and his address are collected.

InDavidual respects the privacy of  QuickShoeLace.com website users and is committed to protect the acquired personal data carefully and will not forward it to third parties and will not  use it otherwise than exclusively for the above purposes, except in cases where such information would be  requested by a competent national authority, that would have a legal basis for it and incase that there is a suspicion of abuse when dealing with the user site. InDavidual can transmit data only to a contract data processor. Entering personal data and payment information is made via a secure web form protected with the same or similar cryptographic mechanisms as those used by banks and other trusted institutions.

The user is solely responsible for the protection of personal data in a way that ensures the security of your username and password, and the appropriate software (anti-virus) protection of your computer.

7. Communication with users

Communication with QuickShoeLace.com users is carried out via the website and via e-mails, therefore, by means of distance communication, in exceptional cases, also the telephone. Communication with users takes place via social networks where Quickshoelace. Profile is registered.

The user finds out about  a specific offer on the internet site www.QuickShoeLace.com or through advertisements in printed, electronic or online media.

The offer on the website is / will be constructed in a way that will be clear in its message and it will show that there is a supply of goods or services with certain discounts, savings or benefits, and the conditions under which it will be possible to obtain an offer.

The user will be able to subscribe to receive electronic notices and to check out in a simple way from receiving notifications. Notifications shall include information on current or future offers, promotions and other marketing messages.

8. Basic information for users

On QuickShoeLace.com website there is  information about the company that manages the site. This information includes  the name and the headoffice of the company, contacts and other information necessary, but at least those required by law.

Users will also find information about  goods or services, terms of delivery, validity of tenders and other information.

Users who have any questions regarding this offer can ask questions via the website, via e-mail, telephone or through social networks. Method of setting will be explained on their own website, social media or otherwise. Insofar an automatic publication will be held  QiuickShoeLace.com or InDavidual reserves the right of deletion of text, which is abusive, illegal, immoral or punishable.

Questions and other texts express opinion of their author and QuickShoeLace.com encloses from liability.

Questions concerning the offer or other questions can be sent via e-mail info@quickshoelace.com or ask via telephone number +386 31 235 956 on weekdays between 8.00 am and 16.00 pm.

9. Complaints, disputes and liability

InDavidual will try to resolve  any ambiguity, comment or complaint in the shortest time possible, at the same time it will respect the laws (Consumer Protection Act – Zakon o varstvu potrošnikov (Url RS št. 98/2004 with amendments, ZVPot)) and to do its best to reach an agreement.

Comments and complaints are accepted by Quickshoelace d.o.o. Some contacts available to users:

  • in writing to Quickshoelace d.o.o., Gabrsko 12, 1420 Trbovlje, Slovenia
  • in writing to the email address info@quickshoelace.com or
  • telephone number on +386 31 235 956.

The arbitration procedure is confidential. If an agreement is not possible a competent court in Ljubljana shall have jurisdiction in disputes.

Complaints regarding the quality or the derivation of a single tender shall be settled between the buyer and Quickshoelace d.o.o.

Website QuickShoeLace.com acts in a manner of catalog sales of goods and services. Despite efforts to maximize the accuracy and currency of the offer it may happen that the information about goods and services and prices change so rapidly, that it cannot be corrected and is still located on the same site. In  case of ordering  such goods or services the company informs the customer about the changes and cancels the purchase, or enables the cancellation of order or agrees on another option.

We reserve the right to make typographical errors and errors resulting from unintentional incorrect operation of the information-technical system website.

The Company is not responsible for the accuracy of data entered by the customer.

10. Customers rights

It is believed that the purchase is made through distance contracts. Language in which the contract is concluded, is Slovenian or English.

The customer is entitled to fifteen (15) days from the award of the contract to inform the company of the withdrawal from the order without having to state a reason for his decision. If the customer has already paid for goods, the company has to refund the purchase price paid within fifteen (15) days after receiving the  notice of withdrawal. The refund amount will not be considered for the service delivery.

If the customer has received the goods, he is entitled to fifteen (15) days from  receipt to inform the company in writing  that he  wants to return the goods. Within fifteen (15) days from written notice the customer has o return the goods, but in the original packaging and unopened, Indavidual is obliged to return the purchase price paid within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the returned / canceled goods. The refund amount will not be considered for the service delivery.

The goods will also be replaced in case we dispatched a wrong product by mistake.The purchase price will be refunded upon receipt of returned goods.

The buyer shall fully cover the shipping costs for returning the goods.

If InDavidual reasonably  suspects that the customer intentionally performs the purchase and then requires to resign from the contract only with the intention to deceive or harm InDavidual, the buyer is not entitled to a refund of the amount paid.

11. Return of goods – complaints


For contracts concluded at a distance, the consumer is entitled to inform the company within fourteen days that he withdraws from the contract without being required to provide a reason for his decision. It is considered that the notice is  prompt if the consignment is delivered on time. The only cost to the costumer in connection with the cancellation of the contract is the direct cost of returning the goods. If the costumer withdraws from the contract then our company will return all payments as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after receipt of notice of withdrawal from the contract.

If the customer has received the goods and withdraws from the contract he returns or delivers them to a person or company that is authorized to receive goods, immediately or within 14 days of the notification of withdrawal. It is considered that the customer returns the goods on time, if sent before the end of the 14 day period for a return.

The customer is responsible for the decrease in the value of the goods, if the reduction in value results from an act which is not necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. Received goods must be returned intact and in the same amount, unless the goods are destroyed, deteriorated, lost, or its quantity is reduced, without the fault of the consumer.

InDavidual can withhold a refund of payments until it receives returned goods or until the customer provides evidence that the goods are sent back unless InDavidual in agreement with the customer offers  the opportunity to pick up  returned goods by itself.

The customer has no right of withdrawal and return of products in case of:

  • products that have been used, since these products are by nature unsuitable for refund (eg. with visible signs of use),
  • products that were used by following detailed user’s instructions,
  • products that were adapted to the user’s personal needs,
  • other products, which by their nature are not eligible for a refund.

Returned goods with a written explanation are to be sent to the following address:

Quickshoelace d.o.o.

Gabrsko 12, 1420 Trbovlje, Slovenia


The customer can return goods within eight (8) days from the  purchase if the goods do not have characteristics that the seller explicitlypromised, if the seller sent the wrong products, products in the wrong amount or color, or if the products otherwise deviate from the customer’s order. The customer in this case can  requires immediate replacement of the same flawless product or within the prescribed time limit and under the conditions of the complaints of clerical errors.

Last modified general conditions: June 2017.