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Our story

How i got the idea?

I am David Knez a young entrepreneur, and would like to share my story with you :). You know, many people know me as an innovator but only the closest one know my story which started a few years ago.

I graduated as a mechanical engineer in Maribor and later worked for a company as a 3D design engineer for plastic ejecting tolls and I was good at it. But the idea of working 8 hours a day for someone else dream was just not right for me and were searching for opportunities how to get out of this comfort zone and lunch my own business.

One day I went on color-splash party and when I came home I found my clothes all covered with colors and different patterns. It was a very special and funny moment for me and I was thinking how to sell this, because it was unique. So I decided to have my own line of clothes called InDavidual (we are talking about painting on clothes). I sold my car, hunting guns and buy a sewing machines.

A few months later when I was sketching clothes and shoes, I invented shoelaces. Because while sketching I was changing everything, the bottom, air lines, shape and I was also thinking about the shoelaces. What if I could change a lace and not the shoes? And here the Quickshoelace was born. My first prototype was made from a electric wire and a car key rings. I showed it to my parents and telling them that this is a future lace. But they said that I am crazy and that I should stop dreaming and focus on my regular job. But despite all of different opinions and negativity I never stop believing in my Idea Because I am a very stubborn man.

I was working hard every day for 3 years, so I could show to everyone that is possible to achive your goals If you believe in yourself and never give up.

My innovation is an elastic lace with a ring, that you leaded from top to the bottom of the shoe and just cut it. It has a universal length 1.2 m and can fit in every shoe with holes. You just clip it with one hand in one second to the metal parts that you screw in to the top of the shoe hole and you are ready to run.

Everything is special designed, looks good and you can wear it as a fashion accessory. You can choose different colors, have custom designed logo on the packaging or custom engraving on metal parts. It is perfect for company gifts or a present, especially for small children, individuals with disabilities or seniors, basically for all generations.

We want to make your life easier, so why don’t you start with laces.




First prototype was made from a wire and a car key rings, just enough to have visual effect. To finish and polish all the metal pieces it took us 2 years of development. The biggest problem was the “loop” which is clipped and needs to hold high forces. Hopefully we solved it and wen´t forward. But we are not stopping here. We would like to make this product even more safer since we have such good feedback from people already.



Since we got confirmed patents in USA since July 2019, we are focused on new upgrades which will be even more user friendly. Because this is fashion forward product and can be used as a jewelry for shoes we opened a new space for designers to create their own styles and combined them with their outfit.

Just me!

Once you know yourself, you understand that in life is not the money we are after. There are only dreams we have since childhood. And successful people are those who still play silly games and dare to dream big. Their awareness of society and environment is the key that unlocks the doors they opened by themselves, led by curiosity stepping higher and higher…

David Knez