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Quickshoelace details:

1. Metal branded box

2. Metal puller with Q logo -2x

3. lastic length 1,2m, which can be cutted on the right dimension – 2x

4. Metal buckles (round or spikes) – 4m

5. Metal sliders or stoppers for regulation (size of the shoe). – 4x

6. Screws with stick, to prevent unscrewing – 4x


It’s really simple!

First open the metal box ;)

Install metal parts trough the top of the shoe holes, by inserting a screw and tight it with a buckle. Then go with a lace from top to the bottom and whole trough the shoe. At the bottom you secure it with metal discs which is also a slider so you can regulate the distance and a tension of the shoe on your leg. Make at as much comfortable as you can. Then cut the elastic lace which is too long and you are ready to run. Now you can easily slip on shoes and of course tie them well.


Shoe Lacing Metods

Straight line
Cross line
Top hole empty
Sided visible

Shoe Tying Metods

Untied shoe
One sided clipped
Hooked from side
Cross hooked style


Shoe Lace Cutting

No corosion effect on metal parts.
Parts can be reassemled and put on other shoes
We regulate the distance of the lace with sliders
and then cut the rest of the lace

Slip on & off

Tyed with one hand in one second
Diffrerent tying methods
A time saver
Fashion forward

Just clip it

For all shoes with holes
For all generations also for people with disabilities
People are more independent