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We wanna make people more independent and EQUAL to society.
Giving them back their dignity!

I can do it by myself

One day we got a call from 70-year old grandma. The conversation was like this:

ME: Hello mam, how can we help you? Grandma: Hello is this shoelace office? ME: (smiling) Yes it is mam. Grandma: Well I have to say that you really helped me with new shoelaces. I have a problem with my knees and back. And it was really difficult for me to tie classic shoelaces, that is why I sked my nephew or someone closer to tie my shoes. And to be honest I felt kind of embarrassing not able to do such a simple task as lacing classic shoelaces. You know I did ask my nephew 3-5 times to tie my shoes but what is enough but anyway there was not a lot of options. then I saw you on TV talking about the shoelaces you invented and decided to try them. At first I was sceptical but now I can say that this is a life saver and decided to thank you in person. ME: (Quiet… 3s …) ME: Thank you very much for this call, I really do appreciate this. And to be hones this is one of the best stories I ever heard and you just gave me another reason why people should know about this product.



Simple, fast, practical and for everyone

These words best describe our product but the stories of people talk by itself. Such a small product as shoelaces can have a big impact on people’s lives. That is why medical channel is so important.  There is a lot of people with motoric problems because of cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome, handicap, arthritis… And if there is a way to help them then we will. And this is our mission.

Do I need this?

A question that is a lot different to understand if you never experienced being not able to do some regular work around the house, tying shoelaces, buying normal shoes, walking… Maybe if we make a different question maybe you will understand this product more.

  • am I able to wear normal sneakers like everybody else?
  • Will this save me time and troubles when using them on shoes?
  • Am I becoming more independent?

    The answer is YES!


Shoe Lace Cutting

No corosion effect on metal parts.
Parts can be reassemled and put on other shoes
We regulate the distance of the lace with sliders
and then cut the rest of the lace

Slip on & off

Tyed with one hand in one second
Diffrerent tying methods
A time saver
Fashion forward

Just clip it

For all shoes with holes
For all generations also for people with disabilities
People are more independent



Shoe Lacing Metods

Straight line
Cross line
Top hole empty
Straight line

Shoe Tying Methods

Untied shoe
One sided clipped
Hooked from side
Cross hooked style






Coated with 24k gold

The length is universal 1,2 m and is cutted by the customer, that is why it can fit in all shoes with holes, (kids shoes, all stars, doc martens boots…) Don’t complicate, just clip it!

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Shoelace Tips

Round, Spikes