One hand tying QuickShoeLace saves your time

We are solving a tying problem, It is useful for all generations, even for those with disabilities.


Hey, you! Tying your shoes feels like forever right?


Absolutely love them!
Having Arthritis makes tying laces difficult so these have made a world of difference. Superior to any other laces I've tried so far in terms of ease of use.

Sarah Brawl Elizabeth

My oldest twin is on the autistic spectrum so fine and gross motor skills can be a problem. These laces are going to be a godsend as instantly he could do them. No more bunny ears being to loose and his laces being undone again... or him being frustrated.

Nicky Jones

I love these way more than I thought I would. I don't like how shoelace bows look most of the time so these are perfect, no laces hanging and getting in the way. They're as easy as the ads say.

Sam Whipple