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One hand tying elastic system
simplifies tying, wearing and
slipping on shoes.

It is not just a lace, it’s a shoe accessory

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Sold in 150+ countries around the world
More than 52.000+ happy feet
Funded on Kickstarter & Indiegogo
Simple and cool shoe transformation

Quickshoelace details:

1. Metal branded box

2. Metal puller with Q logo -2x

3. Elastic length 1,2m, which can be cut on the right length – 2x

4. Metal buckles (round or spikes) – 4x

5. Metal sliders or stoppers for regulation (size of the shoe). – 4x

6. Screws with stick, to prevent unscrewing – 4x


Why Quickshoelace?

Learn everything about Quickshoelace in a minute.

Would you like to be more independent?
* Problem tying classic laces?
* Do your laces keep getting undone?
* Are your kids frustrated because of shoelaces?
* Would you like to change your outfit and use it better?

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How it works

Just yank it and clip it!

* Laces can be installed in every shoe with holes
* use sliders to regulate the tension and length of the laces
* length is cut on the right dimension by the customer
* easy slip on-off your shoes (in seconds)
* because of simplicity is meant for all generations

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Shoe Lace Cutting

checked No corrosion effect on metal parts.
checked Parts can be reassembled and put on other shoes
checked We regulate the length of the lace with sliders
checked and then cut the rest of the lace

Slip on & off

checked Tied with one hand in one second
checked Different tying methods
checked A time saver
checked Fashion forward

Just clip it

checked For all shoes with holes
checked For all generations, also for people with disabilities
checked People are more independent



We all know that kids are super intelligent at a young age. :) But why are they struggling with laces so long?

Our results and feedback show that young kids are just not strong enough to tie classic laces well. That is also the reason they keep getting undone.

Try our Quickshoelaces and you will never be late to school again.

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Because of its simplicity quickshoelace is perfect for people with leak motoric and hand issues.

Even such a small detail in shoe design can make a big impact in your life and make you more independent and EQUAL to society.

Perfect for people with arthritis, cerebral palsy, autism, handicept… We will always support you.

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Fashion is like an art that has no limits. Bringing shoe accessories to a new level opens a space for creative designers, who would like to change one of the most iconic parts of the fashion industry – SHOES. We created better, faster, simpler, and still fashion-forward shoelaces. Just customize it and you will see by yourself.

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Casual Collection

Best selling collection offers 20 different colours, from casual to NEON variations. Metal parts are coated with nickel, so there is no corrosion effect, wearable in rain, snow, basically everywhere.

Prestige Collection

Offers only 10 selected colours which are best combined with 24k gold-coated metal parts. This is a high fashion forward product you can´t miss in your shoes.

Reflective Collection

New upgrade 2.0 reflective shoelaces, with phosphorus, will be presented in September 2022 on Kickstarter, together with new medical forward item. This will help kids, runners, and everyone on the street to be safer at night. ;)


Quickshoelace was funded on a Kickstarter campaign in 2017 and raised 143000$, from more than 4000 backers, who believed in this idea before it was made. We are really grateful for their help and support when it was needed the most.



Nika Kljun

As a hip-hop dancer, Nika has worked with Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Ne-Yo, Jason DeRulo and many others. Nika has also been featured in several high profile award shows, such as the MTV Video Music Awards(Britney Spears tribute)… She is our Ambassador and also has her own brand where you can find Quickshoelace.


Shoe Lacing Methods

Straight line
Cross line
Top hole empty
Sided visible

Shoe Tying Methods

Untied shoe
One sided clipped
Hooked from side
Cross hooked style


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Tracy Burgman

My son is blind and his godfather found these shoelaces. He loves them. He is so excited that he doesn’t need help putting on his shoes. Thank you so much. He now has to have them for every shoe he owns.

Mag Mason

Thank you so much!!!! I have Multiple sclerosis and one of my symptoms is poor motor control in my hand. Because of this, I have pretty much worn slip-on shoes almost exclusively for two years because tying laces is just a pain for me. But now I can bust out my awesome cons again! I can now undo and then do up my laces in less time that it usually takes me to tie even one lace! Thank you for this amazing product!

Jamie Devine

I have bought 3 pairs of these laces now. They have made my lace up shoes look so much brighter, they are easy to use and they just look fantastic!! Great customer service also. Asked them a question via email and they were very prompt to respond and answer my inquiry accordingly.

Kat Hardcastle

Love!!! Kickstarter backer here! Quick and easy to install. Passing your info along to all the parents in our Martial Arts School. Thank you!


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